Kanye West Is On A Stealth Mission In Australia

Kanye West is definitely in Australia and has managed to keep his shit surprisingly under the radar despite the fact he’s the biggest celebrity on earth right now. Except maybe for Oprah who is also here. There have been a number of sightings and tip offs as follows:

This morning it was reported that ‘Ye was denied entry from Sydney’s club-on-steroids, Ivy. Eventually he was let in to the strictly “invitation only” penthouse section of the club. Seriously who would even consider saying no to Kanye West? His furs is Mongolian, his ice brought the goalies in, idiots!?!

Despite this stumble Kanye received his customary celebrity treatment on Saturday night after making the alleged request for the head chef of renowned Thai restaurant Longrain to cook chicken wings at a private Point Piper residence for him and 15 other guests including Beyonce and Jay-Z (Jay-Z is in Sydney for his supporting gig with U2 tonight and tomorrow).

On Sunday he was spotted snacking with Sports Illustrated model and Pedestrian buddy Jess Gomes, who Yeezy gives a shout out to in his track “Christian Dior Denim Flow”:

Jessica Gomes, y’all, I would damage her
And see, uh Jessica Stam got the stamina

Jess told Perth Now “I’m a good friend of Kanye’s, and he wanted to visit some of the local designers, so I took him to Josh Goot, Scanlan and Theodore, Assin and The Corner Shop. Then we went to lunch at Bondi Icebergs.”

Last Thursday we got a tip off relaying that Kanye West had been in Surry Hills pub The Flinders the previous night. The tipster told us “he was there for 20 mins surrounded by girls and body guards and then left”.

If you see Kanye around you can email us here.

Title Image by Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty