Spike Jonze bitch slaps Kanye West

Despite this video obviously being staged, any excuse to slap Kanye West around a bit is welcomed with wide-open arms. A double high five even.

Cred is awarded to director Spike Jonze for giving the bitch slap whilst on the set of his video collab with Kanye for the short film, ‘We Once Were Once a Fairytale’.

Jonze thought it’d be funny and well supported if he showed the swollen headed Kanye just who was boss by slapping him across the face after Kanye refused to stop texting whilst Jonze is midst filming.

However, since Kanye leaked the music video on his blog prior to its official release I think Mr Jonze probably wouldn’t stage the next slap he gave Kanye, but instead throw in a sneaky left hook just in case he didn’t get the picture.