Kanye West Discusses His Top Rappers Including Kanye West, Lil Wayne

A species thought to be seriously endangered, even close to extinction, the ‘Little Wayne Fan‘ have had their numbers swelled recently with the revelation that Kanye West is amongst their number.

Kanye made an on air call to DJ ENUFF, former road DJ for Notorious B.I.G and one of the men responsible for helping to ‘break’ West, to talk about the recent MTV MC List. On which he placed at Number 7. uhOH.

Kanye: I think that Wayne is the number one rapper in the world.

ENUFF: Wait. You think Wayne is the number one rapper in the world?!…?!

Kanye: Yeah, I just think he’s like, you know. Him and Jay and Em and certain people are just like–the greatest “rappers” of all time.

But–but, we thought that you were the greatest rapper of all time and Beyonce’s video was the greatest of all time?

MTV’s Hottest MCs in the Game

#10. Meek Mill

#9. Future

#8. A$AP Rocky

#7. Kanye West

#6. Big Sean

#5. Drake

#4. Nas

#3. Rick Ross

#2. ?

#1. ?

Please, remain on the edge of your seats, the top spots are yet to be announced.

Regardless of any MC ranking, this is a man who’s personal brand opportunities are literally limitless..limitless…….limitless………..

We think the kid’s going to be alllllright.