There’s A Chance The Rapper/Kanye West Mashup Mixtape And It Is 100% Mad

There’s people who wear their influences on their sleeves, and then there’s Chance the Rapper‘s unabashed love of Kanye West.
Chance has never been afraid to express exactly how much of an influence Kanye has been on his career; ‘College Dropout‘ was the first album Chance ever bought (he was only 11 when it came out in 2004, good god), and credits it with making him realise he wanted to be a rapper.
And while there hasn’t been much of an opportunity to hear Chance lay down vocals over a Kanye-produced beat as of yet, we’ve now got more or less the closest, next best thing.
A pair of DJ pals, DJ Critical Hype and DJ Clyde, teamed together to scour the internet for as many Chance a-cappella tracks and Kanye instrumentals that they could get their hands on. They then set about the arduous task of layering Chance’s vocals over the top of Kanye’s beats, and the results are… well, damn it, they’re really good.
The project, which took 18 months to complete, features beats and verses from both Kanye and Chance that are new and old, and is topped off by some dope-as-hell artwork from Ian Klarer, whose work you might recognise as the trademark of Run the Jewels.
The whole thing is up for streaming right this very second. Go right ahead, give it a look here, and prepare to get rad.
Hot damn it’s a good time.