Admit it: you knew this was always possible.

Aspiring presidential nominee Kanye West has voiced his support for Donald Trump, telling a miffed crowd that if he voted, he would’ve pledged his ballot to America’s horrific new Commander in Chief.

At the San Jose leg of his mammoth Saint Pablo tour, Yeezy delivered another verbal salvo on his desire to run in 2020, including the not-at-all controversial statement “if I were to vote, I would have voted on Trump.”

It’s not the first time West has implied Trump weighs heavily on his mind. His visual for Famous, intended as a rumination on the power of celebrity, features a nude Trump-a-like. 

We also could have inferred they’re on similar wavelengths due to their often erratic messages and rusted-on devotion to Twitter, but hey.

Social media posts from concert-goers reveal West’s political statements didn’t end with backing the Republican candidate. According to one attendee, he spent over an hour of the concert sharin’ his aspirations and viewpoints on the States’ highest public office.

Along the way, he touched on Hillary Clinton (whom he donated to and appeared in selfies with), racism, fake news and yes, the very concept of being a pop-culture enigma in the vein of Trump.

Someone oughta check to see how Pusha TBey and Jay Z feel about this.

I survived Pablo the week after the election

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