The hacks. They just keep on coming. 

This time, a number of high profile Twitter accounts were hacked by a pro-Turkish group who spammed their swastika-laden message across all of them. 
Most were tweets, but some accounts were taken over completely, having their display pictures and banners changed to the Turkish flag and Ottoman Empire Shield
Starting with a swastika, the political tweets mention the hashtag Nazi Germany and “Nazi Holland. Wild stuff. 

After the hashtags, the text reads “this gives you a little #OttomanSlap” before referencing April 16 – the date of a Turkish referendum that could consolidate President Recep Tayyip Erdogan‘s power, which could allow him to remain in office until 2029. 
The Nazi references highlight tensions between Turkey and the other two countries. 
Along with Justin Bieber‘s Japanese account, Forbes, UN humanitarian organisations, Starbucks and the BBC also fell victim to the hack. 
The number of affected accounts is unclear, but estimates are in the thousands. Yikes. 
Hackers exploited vulnerabilities in a third-party password app called The Counter to gain access to the accounts. 

Next time you consider letting software manage your passwords for you, remember this moment. Just memorise that shit. 
Source: The Verge.
Photo: Getty / Gustavo Caballero.