John Mayer Has Done A Not 100% Incompetent Smokey Eye Tutorial In His IG Story

Probably one of the hardest parts of John Mayer‘s career has been trying to move beyond the image you inevitably get when you write a song as broadly popular and generically inoffensive as Your Body Is A Wonderland. Much like James Blunt and his personal endeavour to run as far away from You’re Beautiful as he possibly can, Mayer has done this by becoming a bit of a funny bastard.

Sometimes he emulates the enormously broad and powerful torso of Kylo Ren. At other times, he gives charmingly incompetent makeup tutorials in his Instagram stories.

Having supposedly bought a bunch of Chanel makeup “for the colours” because he is currently doing “some colour study on some things” (art people, man), Mayer decided to attempt giving himself a “smokey eye” look using his vague recollections of the instructions that came with the make-up but that he threw out.

Other than doing a relatively shithouse job of blending it, he starts off relatively promising:

All of a sudden, though, things seem to get out of hand:

As he himself says: “Oh I’m sorry, did somebody nail it? No, they didn’t, but they came close and that’s what matters.

Unable to ascertain whether or not he had done a good job, he asked his followers to DM him feedback, some of which he promptly shared:

Not *too* bad.

Yes, bad, but not hugely untrue.

We wish Mayer all the best in his new career as a YouTube makeup tutorial person.