Jessica Mauboy’s Sesame Street Song “Five Kangaroos” Is Catchy As Feck

Jessica Mauboy has teamed up with kids from Yipirinya State School in Alice Springs and Brisbane based production company, Carbon Media, to produce a clip for a song that just might be the most infectious counting-related earworm since Feist’s “1234”

The song, “Five Kangaroos”, teaching kids how to count to five using CGI kangaroos and boomerangs, was commissioned by Sesame Street and will air Thursday morning to celebrate the 44th season of the world’s longest running children’s TV show. 
Mauboy joins the show’s illustrious list of celebrity substitute teachers which this season alone includes Charlize Theron, Forest Whitaker and Anna Kendrick
The episode airs tomorrow morning 8:30am on ABC2.