Jay-Z Launches Lifestyle Site, World Domination Pending

Jay-Z may be best known as a rapper, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t interested in about twenty thousand other things, too. To that end, today marks the official launch of Life+Times, aka the Hova lifestyle website.

Taking a page out of fellow hip hop taste-maker Kanye West‘s blog book, Life + Times allows Jigga the freedom to curate the best of the world’s content that only millions of dollars and a fantastic design team can bring. The hectic opening video (below) looks like something Spike Jonze would have done and the site’s definitely got its finger on the pulse with music features on the much hyped The Weeknd and Gold Panda, as well as segments on Style, Art + Culture, Design Technology and Sport. There’s also a neat little category labelled Jay’s-i (read: Jay-s Eye) where Mr Roc-A-Fella himself uploads photos of the world as he sees it. This section could also be retitled ‘Why Your Life Sucks.’

With a super-successful record label, sports team clothing label and bar under his command, it is seriously only a matter of time until Beyonce’s hubby takes over the planet. While it lacks the personality that shined through on Kanye’s Universecity, which was probably also written by a bunch of NY hacks but felt like it was all 100% Yeezy, Life+Style is a beautiful sleek little thing that should show aspiring web moguls how it’s done. The content comes thick and fast, too, which shows that he’s into it for the long run.

Image by: Ronald Martinez via Getty