Watch: Kanye And Jay-Z’s Spike Jonze Directed “Otis” Video

Behold, the Spike Jonze directed clip for “Otis” in which Jay-Z and Kanye West go H.A.M. on someone’s bank account. Echoing Watch The Throne’s primary areas of interest, braggadocio and bromance, the clip opens with Hov and Yeezy going H.A.M. on a Maybach (as The Fader notes: base price $372,500) before settling into safer/less expensive ways to convey how awesome their lives are: chest thumping in front of an American flag, high-fiving Aziz Ansari and doing donuts in said Maybach with a fleet of ethnically diverse models. If Hov is still “fucking with crime, ’cause crime pays” we’ll eat every gold plated hat in his gigantic walk in wardrobe.