Jay Z Addresses 100th Problem, Reportedly Working On ‘Lemonade’ Rebuttal

Following on from Beyoncé‘s unfiltered and unrestrained decimation of Jay Z in her grenade of an album Lemonade – which details her husband’s infidelity with Becky with the good hair, but ends with Bey forgiving him – Jay is reportedly working on a rebuttal album to tell his side of the story.

Reports in Us Weekly (so, grain of salt, grain of salt… hahaha, salt and lemonade, get sum tequila) say that Jay Z is now recording songs that will tell his version of the rocky patch in their eight year marriage.

“Jay is working on an album telling his side of things,” says a source close to the couple, probably his barista.

If true, it may offer more clues as to Becky’s true identity (the key suspect thus far is fashion designer Rachel Roy). Since Lemonade dropped, the entire pop culture-loving world has more or less been trying to figure out who she is and what exactly happened – as well as making the same bloody joke: 

That Ja Rule text tho. HAHAHA. (Credit: @robfee11)

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Hey, we’ll pay it. It’s a good’n.

Again, IF TRUE, what we’re essentially seeing here is the high profile equivalent of the couple who can’t keep their dirty laundry off Facebook. But, y’know, better, because it concerns famous and therefore higher quality people.
Ahhhhhh. Let it never end.

Source: Us Weekly.

Photo: Getty / Mike Coppola.