Jarvis Cocker to Soundtrack New Wes Anderson Film

The man on your left is a famously intellectual, foppishly attired, indier that thou musician. The man on your right is a famously intellectual, foppishly attired, indier that thou film maker. It’s a match made in hipster heaven.

Jarvis Cocker, the one time embodiment of disenfranchised British youth and irreverent ex-frontman of Pulp will contribute to Wes Anderson’s adaptation of Roald Dahl’s “The Fantastic Mr. Fox”. In a recent interview with Time Out Chicago, Cocker revealed that he has completed “three, four songs, and some of that might become bits of the score” for the stop motion animation film (a technique that Anderson explored in “The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou”).

Spike Jonze, the most akin of Anderson’s contemporaries has also attempted to adapt a children’s classic (Where The Wild Things Are) for the big screen. Unfortunately for Jonze however, its production has been plagued by the studio’s apprehension at the too-dark-for-children direction Jonze has taken the film and its current state is dubious at best.

As a bonus here is an American Express ad that is token Wes Anderson – whimsical and stylized like a mother bitch.