It’s Not ‘Toxic’, But Listen To Britney Spears’ New Tune ‘Make Me’ Anyway

Look, we’re not about to dispute the fact the pop landscape has changed in the past decade. We get it. 2006 and 2007 were simpler years for all of us.

Except for, maybe, Britney Spears. We doubt we need to totally recap that 24-month period of the pop juggernaut’s life in this article, but the results weren’t so flash. 

This right here – her brand new single Make Me – ain’t so much a triumphant return to the top of the industry ten years on, but it is the latest in an increasingly-long list of wins for Spears. 

After 2013’s passable thumper Work Bitch, this newie (featuring the lackadaisacal raps of Drake The Weeknd Partynextdoor Jeremih Bryson Tiller G-Eazy) apes the detuned vocal production found in Purity Ring or our very own Flume. 

It’s a bit of a slow burn, but it’s not bad at all. We’re never getting another Toxic, folks, so get the hell around this and be thankful for the fact one of modern music’s mainstays is still outchea, producing solid tracks. 

Wrap your ears around it on Apple Music, or riiiight here:

Source: Apple Music. 
Photo: Britney Spears / Twitter.