It’s Happening: The ‘N*ggas In Paris’ Kid’s Book Crowdfunded In 72 Hours

In the history of bromances, Kanye West and Jay Z‘s is right up there with Turk and J.D.‘s.

Few are the people who can put a smile on Kanye’ dial, but Jay Z is one of ’em.

Now, their ultimate friendship anthem – a.k.a. N*ggas In Paris – is getting turned into an illustrated children’s book about friendship, starring the two of them. 

This is not a drill: a Kickstarter to turn Niggas In Paris into a more PC-friendly ‘Friends In Paris‘ storybook has smashed its $3,000 funding target in three whole days, meaning it’s all set to go into production.

We already know it’s awesome, because a digital version of the book exists online.
Here’s a sample, or you can read the whole thing HERE [note: must blast the song whilst reading].

A tidy 70 copies of the hard-copy version have already been sold, and this thing still has 25 days to go. 

P.TV spoke to the Sydney illustrator behind the project, Bianca Bosso, about the perfect moment of serendipity that inspired her to immortalise Kanye + Jay-Z in kid’s book form.

“I hear Niggas In Paris at least five times a weekend in any club I walk into, and then probably another 10 times through the week. It’s Kanye and Jay’s hallmark song but the radio has to bleep most of it and people “rapping” it basically have no idea what the lyrics mean (nobody knows what they mean but it’s provocative).

“My first idea was to simplify the lyrics with illustrations. Then I noticed there was a ridiculous story of friendship emerging and from there it turned into a children’s book.”

She and her co-worker / co-kickstarter Sam Murphy have lofty AF goals to get Kanye / Jay-Z to read it, probably by getting it into the hands of these little ka-yootie-patooties:

Yeezy E

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And after that? Making a ‘learn to count’ book of 99 Problems, maybe.


Get behind the Friends In Paris storybook HERE (not that it needs your help anymore, but TBH you’re just gonna want a copy): a pledge of $30 will get you the book, $50 a book + stickers, and $200 = book + 16″ Kanye and Jay-Z stuffed toys.


And because you were going to listen to it anyway:

Images: Michael Buckner via Getty Images / supplied.