Oh Boy, The Internet Is Fanning The Flames Of A Jay-Z Vs Kanye West Beef

Yesterday, the internet was consumed by reports that two of the world’s most gilded infants – North West and Blue Ivy Carterhave never had a playdate, despite the fact that their famous parents are all such good mates. 
If you recall, the trouble started when Kanye West castigated Jay-Z while on stage in Seattle, hinting that “politics” and “bullshit” between Tidal and Apple Music have delayed the release of his collaborative album with Drake
Of course, there was more than that. Referring to his wife Kim Kardashian‘s recent, traumatic experience in Paris, when she was robbed at gunpoint in her hotel room, Kanye said:
“Don’t call me after the robbery and say, ‘How you feelin’?’ You wanna know how I’m feelin’? Come by the house .?.?. Bring the kids by the house like we brothers .?.?. Our kids ain’t never even played together.”
A shady anonymous source – sorry, a ‘music insider‘ – recently spoke to The New York TimesPage Six, and revealed that there is no love lost between the men, and Jay only “tolerates” Kanye for professional purposes. According to the ‘source’:
“Jay can’t stand him … He looks at him as this crazy, eccentric motherfucker he can tolerate in small doses. Kanye is a nut job. Everyone knows that.” 
The source went on to claim that Jay only reluctantly agreed to work with Kanye on the blockbuster 2011 album Watch The Throne “because there was so much money to be made.” 
“Jay was like, ‘I’m gonna knock this out. We’re going to do a tour to bring in millions of dollars. I can tolerate that.’”
So, maybe don’t expect Watch The Throne 2 any time soon, then.
Last week, Kanye claimed that he got rid of his latest phone so he could have “air to create.”

Plz someone give him a new one so he can weigh on in this nonsense. 
Source: Page Six.
Photo: Jamie McCarthy / Getty.