IT CONTINUES: Deadmau5 Wakes Up, Returns Kanye’s Sledge With Fkn Fire

Well that didn’t take long.

Following Kanye‘s hilariously immature Twitter sledging of Deadmau5 earlier today (during which he ribbed on Deadmau5’s signature mouse head with all the sophistication one demonstrates when uttering the words “that’s what she said” to mean penis, a.k.a. none at all), the latter has now woken up from his nap and returned with fucking fire.

Clearly #TeamDeadmau5 were worried that the producer had spent the last four hours cowering in a corner, because he was quick to reassure them that nah, he was just asleep.

Then got into a few more Twitter beefs:

(That last one is a reference to a satirical tweet by Deadmau5 TWO AND A HALF YEARS AGO where he joked he used a pirated copy of Serum, his own synthesiser, to produce his last four albums. Some fucking people.)

BUT THEN, Deadmau5 lobbed this absolute grenade of an insult Kanye’s way, and holyshitholyshit, if this isn’t the biggest celeb-to-celeb sledge since Nicki Minaj asked Miley, what’s good?”

We’re tentatively waiting for Kanye’s rebuttal; Deadmau5 is not.

Photo: Getty / Jamie McCarthy.