Before Twitter, the only way you could successfully alienate people with M&M’s was to throw some Skittles in the same bowl.

If you have zero regard for another human’s life, it’s still a viable option, but it’s 2016 now: that means it’s probably just easier to fling shit online at DJs who have the audacity to rep the brightly-coloured choccies. 

In case you were wondering, here’s the current result of the world’s most popular electronic acts having a spray at each other over confectionary adverts:

To give context to the brewing conflict between Diplo and the bulbously-headed Deadmau5, we need to examine the events of this morn. After likely Smarties-fan Diplo discovered Zedd‘s Aloe Blacc-featuring, M&M-hawking track Candyman, he voiced his disdain:

Unlike M&M’s themselves, Zedd had zero time for sugar-coating. The Russian-German DJ retaliated with this piece of rhetorical mastery:

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how a beef is formed. A flutter of (subsequently-deleted) Tweets were exchanged between the pair, including a tender message from Diplo saying he had great respect of Zedd as a person and a musician, but he still “fucked your girl.” Remember, this all started because of a commercial for anthropomorphic chocolate. 

The exchange culminated in the most heinous of accusations: that Diplo himself is in it for the dosh too, as demonstrated by his work with Justin Bieber. The scene’s resident shit-stirrer Deadmau5 couldn’t help but stick his trolly beak in either, and he went at both of ’em:

For the moment, there’s a ceasefire between Zedd and Diplo. Just as well, because none of these guys can twiddle with mixers when they’re engaged in one of the most randomly-conceived arguments of all time. They signed off thusly:

What a time to be alive. 

Source: Billboard / Twitter. 
Photo: El Pics / Getty / Twitter.