Is This The Most Annoying Song Of 2010?

Remember those days as a kid in the back seat of the car, singing the song that doesn’t end? (it goes on and on my friend… etc) and then you got a mobile phone and ran up 80 bucks in fees to Jamster ringtones downloading the Crazy Frog song and then you turned 18 and you went out to Art vs Science vomiting “Parlez Vous Francais” from every speakers?

It seems no matter how far we progress and mature in life, we never escape those ‘special’ songs which drive a normally calm and composed person completely fucking insane. You’re never safe and this year proves the theory with a collaboration between Tommy Trash and Tom Piper that (inexplicably) has been on high rotation of Triple J lately.

Featuring Buttney Spears and Miley Cyrass (watch the video clip and you’ll catch on) this distressingly catchy earworm has somehow landed at number 3 in the iTunes dance charts. Don’t ask how it happened – look at the history of similar successes: “Who Let The Dogs Out”, “Pretty Fly For A White Guy”, “Parlez Vous Francais”, “Barbie Girl”, “I’m Too Sexy”…. – what is it that people find so alluring? What does this say about us?

Video below. Watch at your own peril.