An Unreleased Adele Banger Seemingly Leaked Online & The Lyrics Are Absolutely Fkn Brutal

An unreleased song by Adele seems to have leaked online and let me tell you, the lyrics are potentially her most cutting so far. Previous frontrunners “Rumour Has It” and “Turning Tables” have officially been found shaking.

According to UK publication The Sun, the song is called “But I Want To” and is likely to be an unreleased demo from her 2021 album 30.

The lyrics include: “I didn’t really want to be your lover, I was just bored and you were the first one I set my eyes on”.

An absolute fkn ouch there. If someone sang those lyrics about me, I think I’d crumple to the floor.

It’s a break-up anthem to match Little Mix’s “Shout Out To My Ex” — the absolute highest praise I can give a song.

“Perhaps I was too young to be playing with fire. Like a loaded gun you held me up on your desire,” the song continues, per The Sun.

“Had to learn how to run, had to learn how to walk away.”

The chorus is also pretty bloody savage.

“I hate that I love you, the worst part is I never wanted to,” it goes. 

“It kills me that I can’t be around you, but I want to.”

Honestly, I’m still stuck on the absolute power move of including the lyric “I was just bored” in a song. It is truly quite the flex.

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In fairness, the song might not even be autobiographical. Maybe she just watched a couple of episodes of Love Island and got really inspired?

According to a recent interview on the BBC’s Desert Island Discs, Adele has a great relo with her ex-hubby Simon Konecki.

“He’s just the best, you know,” she said. She went on to describe the pair as “good friends”. Aw!

Konecki actually attended Adele’s massive London gig and sat next to her current boyfriend Rich Paul which is pretty fkn sweet.

Who knows, maybe the leaked song will make it onto Adele’s next album? Or even better, maybe we’ll eventually get an album of unreleased demo tracks. I’d personally love to hear the songs that didn’t make it onto 25.

Four Adele albums really aren’t enough — I need more sad bangers to absolutely belt my heart out in the shower to.