Hugh Jackman Writes Show Tune About That Time He Axed Himself On Oprah

It was the publicity stunt fail beamed ’round the world: Hugh Jackman, aka Wolverine, axes himself as he attempts to zipline from the sails of the Sydney Opera House to a stage on the forecourt and into Oprah‘s waiting arms.

It was supposed to be all bravado, all macho, but things went to shit when Hughesy hit a lighting rig at full force and was left dangling in his harness like a lizard trying to free himself of a psychotic child’s grip as paramedics rushed to treat his bloody eye.
Oprah, bless her, was super concerned – she even let him inspect the damage to his retina in her Bobbi Brown compact.
ICYMI, here’s the video (sorry buddy, the Internet takes no prisoners):

It’s been 5 years, and you’d think he’d be over it, but Hugh confessed to Fitzy & Wippa that the embarrassment still cuts deep in a NOVAFM interview this morning.
Self-soothing the only way he knows how – through song – the Boy From Oz proceeded to share with the lads a Broadway show tune that he wrote to poke fun at the incident/himself, which is super-appropriate given he’s just announced a string of theatre shows across our fair land. 
Lyrical highlights include:
“Come on Hugh, this is your moment, to introduce our nation to Oprah. The setting here is so divine, as I take off on this zipline; wind in my hair, I feel free, this entrance means so much to me.”

“Wave my hand as I descend, bloody hell is that the end?”

Listen to it in full here:

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