How To Avoid Another Adele Shitfight When More Tix Go On Sale Today

There’s no beating around the bush: the first release of tickets for human angel Adele‘s Aussie shows was a bloody shitfight. There were extensive delays, website failures, payment issues, inexplicable refunds and a wholeeeeeee lotta pissed fans. 

Now the next drop of ticket is almost upon us, for her second and final show, so we thought we’d do you / your sanity a solid and round up some tips to help guarantee one of those smug, ticket-holding fucks is YOU when they go live at midday today.
After all, no one wants to walk away empty handed after an hour yelling ‘FUCK’ at the computer screen.

Make sure you’re already signed up to your chosen ticketing platform

Every major ticketing site, from Ticketek to Ticketmaster, requires you to have an account before buying a ticket. Set up your username, password and all that hoo ha in advance to a) save time when you go to buy, and b) avoid the registration process failing because the server is overloaded.
Update your passwords and billing details beforehand
If you already have an account, take two mins to log in and double check your info is up to date – like your latest credit card details and billing address.
Double check your CC is working
There’s nothing more annoying than securing primo tix, only to have them released because your credit card bounced. Make sure you’ve got sufficient funds on there, and that it’s linked to your correct mailing address.

Get familiar with a map of the venue
It pays to have the venue map open in a separate tab so that, when tix drop, you can quickly judge how good the seats are.

Try the mobile version of a site
This isn’t a guarantee but often the mobile version of a ticketing site – so an an address starting with m. rather than www – can be more responsive and less competitive than the full site. It’s worth a shot, hey?
Don’t lose your mind and hit ‘refresh’ too often
If you do that one too many times, the site could very well block you out. The page should automatically refresh with available tix, so try your best to stay patient.
Beware the timer
You have 3.5 minutes per page to complete your purchase – so each time you move forward to the next page in the purchase pipeline, your timer will reset to give you 3.5 minutes at this page. Type fast and use auto-fill if that function’s set up on your computer.

Photo: Getty / Sascha Steinbach.