Adele Announces A 2nd Sydney Show So You Can Relive Ya Ticketing Nightmare

AYO! The utterly iconic Adele has announced a second Sydney show, so all of you who waited desperately in the Ticketek cue with increasing levels of anxiety that you wouldn’t get through have the chance to relive it all again!

The second gig will be on March 11 (one day after her first Sydney show), playing to a casual 90,000 people at ANZ Stadium.

Tix will go on sale via Ticketek at 12pm on December 1.

Adele tickets caused an absolute shitstorm on Monday when fans attempting to buy tickets to her Sydney and Adelaide shows were met with long wait times and 403 error messages, with some fans reporting they had their money refunded to their accounts with no explanation.

A spokesperson later told PEDESTRIAN.TV this might have happened in a small number of cases due to session timeouts, meaning the debt isn’t charged and the tickets aren’t purchased.

“In a small number of cases for the Adele concert in Sydney customers believed they had secured tickets even though their transactions were not completed,” he said. 

“When a transaction is submitted for purchase the first step is that a credit card pre-authorisation is completed to ensure the customer has a valid card and sufficient funds available.

“Following this the purchase is processed in our systems. In some cases the transaction does not complete because the customer’s session is timed out, or there are issues with the authorisation or other validation rules that the transaction must pass.

“In these cases, there is no debit charged against the customer’s credit card and the pending authorisation is immediately cancelled.”

He told P.TV that Ticketek transacted over 100,000 tickets for the Sydney and Adelaide shows in just a few hours, and thanks the fans for their patience “amid the unprecedented demand.”

All we’re saying is, if you’re after tix for the second show, you *might* want to block out an hour or two.

Photo: Getty / Kevin Winter.