Ticketek Learns The Hard Way What Happens When You Ticket-Block Adele Fans

Bad news Oz music fans, Adele’s first tour of the country is reportedly extremely fucked.
Due to overwhelming demand and the depressing advent of scalping bots, tickets for the Sydney and Adelaide shows officially wrecked the Ticketek website soon after their noon AEDT release. 
Fans who were in line for hours were reportedly kicked off the website, even after they had payed for their tickets (twice, in at least one case), and many are still awaiting confirmation. 

The Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth shows can be found through Adele Live and Ticketmaster-affiliated websites, and already demand has led to second Melbourne and Brisbane concerts. 
Already, reselling sites are capitalising on the demand, with some tickets going as high as $5,000.
But as of 3:15 AEDT, the Ticketek website is once again up and running, although no word yet on a possible second Sydney show. Ticketek Australia has already offered an apology for the delay via Twitter, as well as some rather useless advice.

Our advice for stressed-out fans? Uhh… there’s always New Zealand?
Source: Twitter.
Photo: Gary Miller / Getty.