Some people think the internet is all about ridiculing iSnack 2.0 and propagating cat memes and in a way they’re right. But other things can galvanize tweeps, bloggers and facebook users too. Earnest things. Important things. Things like causes.

As Sydney residents proved earlier this year, they’ll fight for a cause, especially one that involves local music institutions and/or nostalgia. Categories that fit The Hopetoun Hotel like the denim of its patrons.

The groundswell began when a note was posted on the venue’s door reading: †The Hopetown(sic) is closed until further notice’. The venue’s owner then issued a statement saying: ‘Due to circumstances beyond the control of the Hopetoun Hotel we need to carry out significant works associated with Local Council requirements which necessitate the closing of our venue until further notice…We regret to advise that we must therefore cancel all future shows booked to play at the Hopetoun as from today.’

Considering The Hoey was the only Sydney venue dedicated to exposing and supporting live local music every day of the week, the outcry has been overwhelming. Help a brother out and hit the Save The Hoey Blog, Twitter and Facebook Group, hopefully Clover Moore can sweep those “Local Council requirements” under the rug.