Exclusive Pics: Wolverine Shoots At Sydney’s The Hopetoun

When a source confirmed that hirsute strong man Hugh Jackman was heading for Surry Hills over the last couple of days for a Wolverine shoot, we took to the streets in a bid to get a look at the Animantium-filled mutant on set. The shoot took place at the Hopetoun Hotel, providing The Hoey with the first “gig” it has housed since shutting its doors indefinitely in 2009.

Hugh didn’t make an appearance, but a crew worker told us the scene they’re shooting involves Wolverine “confronting someone in a bar flight” and, judging by the Camouflage-centric costumes (in pics below), we’re guessing the punch up involves characters from Wolverine/Logan’s military past – especially the camera-ready chap with the impressive moustache.

It’s just nice to see the abandoned walls of The Hopetoun making some kind of contribution to the Arts again.

Words and Photographs by Jacquie Lennon