Hear 30 Seconds Of Pnau’s New Song “The Truth”

As reported earlier this month, Pnau linchpins Nick Littlemore and Peter Mayes are expected to explore poppier territory on their fourth studio LP, tentatively titled Soft Universe. According to a press release it “bears the influence not just of Empire Of The Sun…but of Bowie and Bono and Burt Bacharach as well as Pnau’s new mentor, Elton John. It feels big, ambitious, expansive – like a musical composed by U2, arranged by Prince and Giorgio Moroder, and based on the songs of Taupin and John.

For those who don’t trust press releases (everyone!?) you can now hear thirty seconds of lead single “The Truth” below and despite the chest thumping of that hyperbolic description above, it’s hard to argue with the labels “big”, “ambitious” or “expansive”. Zero to take-my-shirt-off-and-shoot-glitter-bombs-from-outstretched-jazz-hands in thirty seconds ain’t bad. Pretty excited to hear the rest of the album based on this alone actually.