If you thought your tolerance for the ‘Harlem Shake‘ meme had just about maxed out, spare a though for these riled up Harlemites. They are pissed! With a general consensus that the internet phenomenon is a diss leveled at the fine people of Harlem, locals had a clear message for out-of-towners cashing in on the craze.

You gotta stop that shit!” 

Look what you’ve gone done now Baauer. With no obvious attempts by the offending multitude of dancers to recreate the true Harlem Shuffle, it’s pretty clear that the meme has developed as a reaction to the bass heavy drop rather than the decades old local dance move. If he’d just titled the track The Charleston he would have avoided pissing off an entire neighborhood. 1920’s revivalist are way less meaner after all. 

If you do that in Harlem, I promise y’all, you gonna get hurt.

You’ve been warned.

via Mashable