Pair Your Favourite Tunes With Handwashing Know-How At This Slick New Site

A new website teaching correct handwashing protocols through the power of song has swept across Twitter, with users keen to translate their favourite bops into posters advocating for personal hygiene.

In case you missed it, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has called on everyone to wash their hands for twenty seconds at a time to slow the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) across the planet.

The health authority says that for maximum effectiveness, hand washing should take roughly twenty seconds. Given the fact most people don’t whip out a stopwatch every time they visit a sink, folks have been asked to sing Happy Birthday to themselves twice over instead.

Wash Your Lyrics, created by a 17-year-old web designer who goes by the handle @neoncloth, allows punters to personalise the NHS’ own poster. Instead of useful tips like “Apply enough soap to cover all hand surfaces”, you can now muck around, like so:

Notably, Wash Your Lyrics draws from Genius’ pre-existing reserve of song lyrics. But Genius doesn’t just collate lyrics: entire books, plays, and speeches exist on the platform, permitting nonsense like this, featuring former Prime Minister Julia Gillard:

You get the idea.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has assembled a slick playlist of other catchy songs with 20-second-ish choruses, should you tire of Happy Birthday. Alternatively, you can have a peep at some of the other posters Twitter users have made below.

I mean, even Jewel is in on the action.

You can give it a whirl yourself here.