Hair Meet Wardrobe: Coachella 2013 Edition

Toni and Guy and yrs truly have come together as one to showcase a series of looks known as Hair Meet Wardrobe.  The short of it is “here are some babes we are digging on, get a load of their great hair and great fashion!” 
We’re starting with Coachella, because Coachella is a breeding ground for this type of shit, and it just happened over the weekend, making it both relevant and exciting.  And because no two people are alike and individuality must be celebrated, we are playing in four categories: Classic, Glamour, Creative and Casual.

Let’s begin:

Alexa Chung
Goddamnit Chung. It’s a little known fact that Alexa Chung is a mythical hybrid creature: part Francoise Hardy, part Medusa (those eyes, that serpentine hair), part awkward gangly pre-pubescent prep school boy. On anyone else that’d be a near fatal combination but with Alexa Chung it’s on. Very few it-Girls, whatever they even are, can pull of classic festival steeze like Lady Chung: those centre-part bangs, the same ones which have spawned legions of imitators, match perfectly her lace Peter Pan collar and the simple, chic Lacoste polo. Classic, right? Like I said, Goddamnit Chung.

Photo: Imeh Akpanudosen/Stringer via Getty
Sophia Bush
Actress Sophia Bush was all up in my Instagram feed yesterday with this classic festival getup. It’s two parts requisite boho, a dash of retro throwback and bang on-trend. The midriff is the new erogenous zone when it’s framed by those high-waisted trousers and a de rigeur bandeau bra top; her hair, well it simply radiates light and easy – a healthy shine you can replicate with a little Toni&Guy Shine Gloss Serum. On top of that you’ve got kitschy art deco costume jewellery and a practical shoulder bag; plus, those shoes, I can’t remember if they’re Marc Jacobs or a member of the Le Tan clan, but they’ve literally got cat faces on them. Enough said, really. 

Photo: Michael Kovac via Getty
Katy Perry
Speaking of cats, Kitty Purry is a Coachella fiend; she absolutely loves it. Also, what’s not to love about this SS13 Sicilian Dolce & Gabbana twin set accessorised with chandelier earrings, a raffia swing bag, fun and clinical platform clogs and razor sharp cat eye glasses? Nothing, that’s what’s not to love. Like something out of Party Monster, this is pure festival glamour. Can’t believe I just wrote that. Her wavy jet black tresses are also teenage dream in which we want to take a cat nap. Plus, her gentleman companion is wearing a Beyoncé hat. Sly dig or mutual appreciation? You decide. Get Katy’s polished frizz-free finish with smoothing Toni&Guy Serum Drops.

Photo: Imeh Akpanudosen/Stringer via Getty
Anonymous Brunette Beauty
The identity of this cool ice princess is as yet unknown, but it is impossible to ignore someone who looks this refined amid the scourge of boho excess. She’s taken her cues from Coco Chanel and has opted for a pair of feline shades and a silver manicure as her sole accessories (as opposed to tipping the contents of a hat rack on her and saying ‘ta da!’, as appears to be the case with 95% of the Coachella crowd). With her shift-y knit minidress, Anon is rocking the neon and neutral colour combo that’s so hot right now, and her shiny centre-part bob is the chic cherry on top of this exercise in understated glam. Next!

Photo: John Sciulli via Getty
Super hyped digital artist, fashion designer and all ’round sartorial monster Kesh is nothing if not creative. Her Coachella outfit features the bold pop graphics that are synonymous with her artwork, and – surprise! – this ocular skin-tight two piece is from the capsule collection she designed in collaboration with American Apparel. In addition to resembling a beautiful sprint star who is representing the nation of Eye in the Olympics For Awesome People, Kesh is sporting one of her signature sculptured hairdos: a strategically messy birds nest plopped upside-down above the choppy short fringe that frames her face.

Photo: Christopher Polk via Getty
Jessie Ware
The categorically adorable British soul enchantress Jessie Ware loves combining heritage elements and styling them with cool modern touches to balance out the look. On stage at Coachella Ms Ware went for a ’50s style cropped bustier and high waist skirt in conflicting red and white prints, threw on those major gold hoops and a knotted headscarf tied around her meticulously shorn, asymmetrical micro fringe which she executes with effortless aplomb. Pulling off this kinda look ain’t easy but Jessie’s got a knack for creatively throwing a bunch of influences into the mix and right here – sans shoes and everything – the girl’s nailed it bang on. Get it? Because fringes are called bangs. Imitators take note: Use Toni&Guy’s Extreme Hold Hairspray to anchor your up ‘do and add extra texture to your fringe.

Photo: Jason Kempin via Getty

Diane Kruger
Would you just get a look at Diane Kruger? This woman is offensively beautiful and stylish (mostly). Let’s break it down. She’s got moves like Jagger up top with a casually inflected roll of the sleeves to beat the heat radiating from her regular being and the Californian desert; casually flung across her shoulders is what looks like a pretty casual mini Chanel 2.55, no big deal; Aztec print denim cut-offs are practically included in the Coachella ticket price, as is the wide-brimmed hat, but let’s face it, she needs to ditch the hat and let that liquid river of flaxen heaven careen down onto her shoulders. That’s a golden shower you’d actually pay the price of admission to catch a glimpse of. I think it’s best if we don’t talk about the boots. She also accessorised with Pacey. 

Photo: Michael Kovac/Stringer via Getty
Alessandra Ambrosio
We get it Ambrosio – you’re a Victoria’s Secret angel. You’re at a Coachella, you’re having a popsicle, wearing short neon cut-offs and keeping your wavy mane at bay with assistance from a floral boho sash. You can get Alessandra’s look with Toni&Guy Texturising Sea Salt Spray which helps create that lived-in beach look. It’s that easy to look like this:

Photo: Todd Oren/Stringer via Getty