Get Balls Deep In The Meeting Tree’s Pisstake ‘I Pay My Tax (I Hate Myself)’

Sydney’s Inner-West electronic guns The Meeting Tree – the combined powers of Jackie Onassis producer Raph Dixon and Joyride – want to invite you on a journey to The Meeting Tree Alternative Health Retreat, a magical place of self-discovery.

It’s a beachside getaway run by the boys themselves, to teach others in their ways of slowing down / enjoying the ride that is life.
There’s bike riding. There’s kayaking. There’s swinging. There’s certifiable-organic yoga. There’s massages. There’s life-pondering.
They’ve overlaid the video PSA for their hot new establishment with new music, too: the first single from their upcoming second EP ‘Life is Long: Slow Down!’, out December 11, called ‘I Pay My Tax (I Hate Myself)’.
Just like their ridiculous banger ‘R U A Cop’ borrowed on Peking Duk‘s Adamio Hyde, this time ’round Meeting Tree have recruited Janet English of Spiderbait fame.
TBH, the whole thing makes us moist.
Here, WATCH:

If the video hasn’t filled your LOL-quotient for the day, read this ‘letter’ a Meeting Tree Retreat fictional guest named Lucia sends to her Pa.

Dear Dad, 

Firstly, I just want to say thank you SO MUCH! This retreat has been the best 21st present a girl could ask for. My mind has

truly been awakened, and it is all thanks to you (and The Meeting Tree Retreat).

The two guys looking after us down here are so nice. There is a big one called Joyride and a small one called Raph. They

also make music together, but run the retreat to “supplement income because the money in music is piss poor”. I thought

they would be rich because their last EP ‘r u a cop’ was #1 on the electronic charts AND got nominated for an ARIA.

I think you would actually really like their new song. It is called ‘I Pay My Tax (I Hate Myself)’ and will be released on

November 6 along with a beautiful video that showcases the retreat and all the cool stuff we do here. Janet from Spiderbait

(remember Jenny always played ‘Calypso’ when she lived in the attic) sings on it and Seamus from Sticky Fingers plays


The full EP is coming out on December 11. It’s called, ‘Life Is Long: Slow Down!’ This is the key philosophy of the retreat,

and has really reshaped the way I see the world. The guys never get up before 11am, yet still manage to get so much done;

Raph is one half of Jackie Onassis, Joyride has a solo album coming and both of them run and DJ at monthly party One Day

Sundays and upcoming mini-festival One Day Only.

Relaxed people definitely achieve the most!

To help us build a leisure-focused mindset, yesterday the boys guided the group through a ritual called ‘The 24 Hour Long

Lunch.’ They told tall tales about their sold out national tour and the time when Chet Faker blocked them on Instagram

because too many people had asked him ‘r u a cop’. I didn’t catch all the stories because I fell asleep (not sure how they

stayed up the whole time), but I heard enough to understand I want to redirect my life energy towards a new lifestyle.

So, with that in mind, I write you this letter in the hope of you being willing to finance a young girl’s dreams. Joyride and Raph

are playing at Falls festival on NYE in Lorne and have asked if I would like to join them. I said yes and I now plan to stay here

with them until December, to continue my reawakening before the tour. All I need is $8000. If you could spare this, you’d

make me the happiest girl in the world!

Love you so so so much!!! Lucia x”