Get All Up In Nicki Minaj’s Calming Aura In Person Tomorrow

Where them girls at?’ I hear you asking. That’s a good question. Them girls are forming an orderly queue outside Myer’s Sydney City store to catch a fleeting glimpse of spiritual guru and universally calming presence, Nicki Minaj, who’ll be making an exclusive personal appearance tomorrow at the appropriately fluorescent department store ahead of her awkward teleprompter poetry reading taking place on Thursday evening at the ARIA awards

Onika will be fielding heavily vetted questions from one person in a Q&A style forum (it’s an interview, so please don’t get loud) on stage about the release of her debut fragrance and miniature American idol of her likeness, Pink Friday. Nicki will also be discussing the re-release to the sequel of her first album with which her fragrance shares a name, Pink Friday: Roman Re-Loaded: The Re-Up: Ugh, Stop Re-Releasing The Same Album With Different Names Three Times Already.

Get on the fourth floor like it’s your last chance to meet Minaj at 1:40pm tomorrow before her appearance on the ARIA’s Red Carpet from 3:30pm; that is, only after she feasts on one of her signature Nandos orders from the food court downstairs. 

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty