Gang Of Youths Torched An Ex-AFL Star Who Shit-Talked Their NRL GF Show

Grand Final pre-game entertainment: Gigs that are fraught with danger due to the combining factors of a) playing in front of a televised audience of literal millions, b) the impossibility of pleasing everyone, and c) those people who didn’t enjoy the show feeling compelled to bitch black and blue about it because Grand Final day is the one day of the year where you can shout at grown-ass strangers without consequence.

Or, at least, so one bloke thought.

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Gang of Youths incendiary NRL Grand Final performance, by and large, was lauded for the ball-tearingly great performance that it was. But of course not everyone enjoys fun things and thus a few punters were left aggrieved by it.

That group of annoyed loons happened to include ex-AFL star-cum-breakfast radio host Brendan Fevola, who used his very visible Twitter profile to make his thoughts on the matter abundantly clear.

Ahh yes. The hand-on-face emoji and the thumbs down emoji. Extreme “Dad’s online” areas.

Only problem with talking shit on Twitter while in possession of a blue tick account is that it’s incredibly more likely the subject of the shit-talk will actually see it.

And see it, Gang of Youths did.

Hours after the set – presumably after they shed the criminal amount of sweat accumulated in a standard Gang of Youths set – the group returned serve on Twitter with a searing, unplayable winner.

KABOOM. Got ‘im. Absolutely got him a beaut.

Fair play to him, Fev knows when his goose is cooked, and when faced with a deep burn like that there’s mot much you can do but graciously concede.

The lesson in all this? Don’t lob Grand Final-level barbs if you can’t handle Grand Final-level heat in return.