French Pop Worth Your Loving

There’s not many people I trust to point me in the right direction music wise and Dave from Hyperbole (most famous for causing some blogger gal to lose her cool steez via a post about one of Kanye’s gals on Chris’ account) is no exception. However Dave did point me in the direction of these guys “Appaloosa” and it’s safe to say they’re this week’s obsession.

Appaloosa are a girl+boy duo out of croissant city. They’re cute, fun and pretty. + Their music oozes with beauty. Is the fact that Kitsune have these guys wrapped up for a few releases a good enough reason to click and suss?

If my script was a bit vague Dave’s text should do the maths for you: “They’ve got everything you could want, cute melodies, waves and waves of gorgeous electronic-meets-organic arrangements from Max, distinct Nico-ish vocals by Anne-Laure, all rounded of with delicious touch of disco.”