Welp. We probably should’ve seen this coming.

The Foo Fighters, a group who are absolutely no slouches when it comes to taking the piss, have been the subject of repeated rift/break-up/solo career rumours for weeks now; rumours that have only been fuelled by a string of high-profile appearances by Dave Grohl sans-rest of the band, including at The Oscars.

Just to throw a little more fuel on the fire, they teased an “official band announcement” late yesterday.

So if any of you have been wondering why your black t-shirt wearing, Triple M-listening, still-inexplicably-rocking-a-thumb-ring-even-though-it’s-the-year-of-our-lord-2016 mates have spent the past 24 hours absolutely shatting dack, now you know.

The hour finally passed and the Foos took to the internet to clear the air and regrettably announce… absolutely nothing.

Not a damned thing.


Just that they’ve definitely seen what everyone’s been saying, and that they’re sick of everyone saying that they’re breaking up because they are NOT, you guys.

The group posted a video that goes for seven freaking minutes before getting to the point that shows Grohl mockingly embarking on a mock-solo electronic music career under the watchful eye of tutor/fellow middle-aged man Butch Vig. Meanwhile the rest of the group discusses life without Dave and makes a pact to move on without him.

Also Nick Lachey is in it too, because this grotesque caricature of 2003 simply refuses to yield.

So there you have it, folks. Everything’s the same. Nothing has changed.

And all that really happened was a band managing to turn rampant media speculation into a single, 24-hour long troll.

You know what? More power to ’em.

Source: YouTube.