Frank Ocean’s Long-Awaited Followup ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Is Comin’ Friday

After a mysterious video of ya boy Frank Ocean…doing woodwork (?)…. popped up on a website, it looks like we’re getting an actual payoff: his long-awaited followup to 2012’s Channel Orange is gonna drop on Friday.

Boys Don’t Cry is easily one of this year’s most anticipated released, and The New York Times says that it’ll be an Apple Music exclusive for two weeks. It’s expected to come with a printed publication of the same name, which will be distributed at Apple Stores. This seems like an extremely Apple affair – and the latest in a battle for high profile exclusives between Apple and Tidal.
Given how many times this album has been delayed, fans are somewhat skeptical. It seems well within the realm of possibility that he might play with our hearts and delay the album again.

Please Frank. Don’t play us.
Source: NY Times.
Photo: Getty Images.