Foo Fighters Rickroll Westboro Baptist Church, As Protesters Picket Concert

When the world’s purest concentration of bigotry, hate-mongering and delusion decide to protest your own concert—a collection of walking turds inexplicably wielding placards saying “God H8s Fags”—what are you meant to do – except troll the fuck out of them, beating dickholes at their own game?

Foo Fighters were presented with this exact situation overnight – as Westboro Baptist Church picketers staged a protest outside their concert in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Enlisting the help of Rick Astley, the ensuing scene is a sight to behold.

The downside of the counter-protest came Twitter, as WBC literally used the word “illest” in playing the “all coverage is good coverage” PR line.

Foo Fighters’ display overnight follows a similar scene in Kansas City in 2011 – where the band sang their LGBT anthem “Keep It Clean (Hot Buns)” to the protesters. 


Via CoS.
Lead image via Instagram.