Watch Adam Hills Go To Town On The Westboro Baptist Church

Reluctant as we are to give the walking turds at the Westboro Baptist Church any more ill-gotten publicity – frankly, we’d all be beyond stoked if everyone stopped talking about them and those 40 or so people faded into obscurity where they rightfully belong – if we absolutely must talk about them in some way, the very least we can do is get a little bit of entertainment value out of it.

The notoriously annoying congregation of sexless losers did that thing again where they piggy-back off the publicity of a celebrity death by saying horrid things in order to get their name printed in media; this time by announcing they were going to picket the funeral of the dearly departed Robin Williams.
Our very own Adam Hills has seemingly had enough. On his British TV show The Last Leg, he launched at the WBC in a hilarious and spirited tirade.
That’s really all that needs to said on the issue. Watch the video. Have a laugh. And then let’s never speak of those bastards ever again.