Flume & Kucka Have Just Rescued Friday’s Vibe With New Tune ‘Hyperreal’

Alert your friends, family, pets and any other living organisms in your near vicinity: Flume has just released a new track that’s full to the brim of his trademark slick and wobbly goodness. 

Don’t try and pretend that last sentence is gross. You know exactly what we’re talking about.

Hyperreal, featuring past collaborator / silky-voiced wonder Kucka, is just over four minutes of splendid grooves tailor-made to improve your Friday. It also has a gnarly slab of noise in the middle that you’re just gonna have to hear for yourself.

It’s the second time the man born as Harley Streten has teamed up with the vocalist, after Numb And Getting Colder and Smoke & Retribution. Keep ’em coming, tbh.

Source: Flume / Spotify.
Photo: Cybele Malinowski.