Witness The Pure Fire Collab Of Vince Staples, Kendrick, Flume & Kucka

Vince Staples’ new record Big Fish Theory has just dropped, meaning we finally have a chance to wile out to his much-hyped collaboration with Flume, Kucka, and the little-known rapper known as Kendrick Lamar. 

It’s a goddamn time, friends.

Holding up his promise to deliver some seriously next-level tunes, Staples spits over of Sophie‘s production. Harley Streten’s trademark mercurial sounds underscore Kucka, but this isn’t just another Flume track: distorted kicks rush back in to crush speakers under K.Dot’s verse.
Not only is it a logical progression from the previous Vince x Flume team-up Smoke & Retribution, it’s the heaviest track Flume has been a part of.
That’s just one (excellent) corner of the new record, which is already copping wild reviews. Catch it in Spotify HERE, if you know what’s bloody good for you.

Source: YouTube.
Photo: Vince Staples / Flume / Instagram.