Festival Forces Punters to Watch Cringeworthy Anti-Drug PSA

Last year at New York’s Electric Zoo dance festival, two concert-goers died after taking MDMA. In response to this tragedy and others like it around the country, this year, festival organisers have decided that their best line of defense is to make punters watch a questionable PSA about the dangers of molly.

AV Club report that the video is required viewing for all attendees, and that apparently, all those who buy tickets to the festival will be issued wristbands that can only be activated by using a code embedded within. 
Based on the leaked visuals, it’s not quite clear now that works, but it’s likely that punters will have to whisper “do you wanna roll?” to their wristbands, to which they will reply “you vibing?”, and then start glowing like golden waterfalls. 
If the educative purpose of this video is to explain that ecstasy will make you irritate the everloving piss out of everyone around you while drenched in sweat and showing an inch of chest hair above the collar of your pink t-shirt, then job done.