Falls VIC Gripped By Ice Epidemic, Drinks Getting Warmer By The Minute

Bless the poor, sweet organisers of Falls Festival after what surely must have been one absolutely hellish week.

The amount of scrambling done to secure an extremely last-minute venue change in Victoria, after bushfires ravaged the Lorne region over Christmas, must have been mind-boggling.
And so you can absolutely forgive them if one or two things have fallen through as a result.
So just as a heads up for any of you making the trek down to Mount Dundeed Estate near Geelong either tonight or tomorrow morning – please bring ice.
Y’know, the frozen water. Not the drug.
Punters today have apparently encountered a lack of the sub-zero drink-coolant at the site, more than likely due to losing a supplier thanks to the behemoth efforts involved in shifting an entire 16,000-odd person two-day music festival to an entirely new venue under 2 days before it begins.
And people have been letting Falls know about it via Facebook (some, more understanding and polite than others).
So let this be a warning to all you NYE party-types, unless you’re planning on pulling a ripping impersonation of a Campbell’s Soup ad…

…it might be wise to stop off at the ole’ servo on the way and snag a few bags of the cold stuff.
This helpful PSA brought to you by your friendly party-enabling pals at PEDESTRIAN.TV.
Photo: Cassandra Hannagan/Getty Images.