FBI Saved!

After call-outs to Richard Branson, fundraiser gigs and art shows and some tasteful hands and knees grovelling, Sydney’s premiere independent radio station FBI has officially been saved!

The little station that could amassed a whopping $350,000 in donations after their Ask Richard campaign (which was conceived pro bono by Naked Communications and Frank PR) kick started the drive, causing Sir Richard himself to call the station on air and offer Virgin’s full support (but not a million dollars).

FBI says of the campaign: “It’s official: after several festive weeks of music, culture and downright begging, FBi is safe and sound! Big thanks to everyone who heeded the call and came to our rescue. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

A big thanks to everyone that came out and supported our good friends at the station. God knows what’s good for FBI is good for Australian music.