FBi Radio Ask Richard for $1 Million

Sydney’s FBI radio are in financial trouble and only one man can help, cue the Superman theme, enter Richard Branson. Possibly the richest man to ever make his start from selling records and known for his random acts of philanthropy FBI has launched an “Ask Richard” campaign aimed at getting FBi listeners to come up with BIG ideas and even BIGGER actions to get Richard’s attention till he donates $1million to the station.

Why would you get involved (apart from helping out the best radio station in Australia to keep broadcasting) you ask? well the person who’s BIG idea convinces Richard will actually get 5% of the cash, that’s 50,000 reasons to get thinking.

Whether the Ask Richard campaign was the bright idea of one of FBi’s many dedicated volunteers or simply another brilliant Virgin marketing stunt aimed at selling more phones/plane tickets/broadband the cause is good so it’s worth supporting.

find out more details on how you can Ask Richard here: www.askrichard.com.au