Brett Rolfe of Naked Communications Bares All at Start Up

One-time ‘Digital Evangelist’ turned Director of Innovation and Technology, Brett Rolfe of Naked Communications is part of a team of ‘brilliant misfits’ behind some of the most engaging brand campaigns in the last few years.

The Ask Richard campaign to save FBi Radio, the TED x Youth Sydney Conference, the Steal a Banksy campaign to – well, steal a Banksy – and the delegation of an intern to go on a Contiki tour and report back their findings are just a few of Naked’s genius brand and communication strategies that Rolfe has seen from creative cradle to expertly executed grave. Rolfe recently spoke with Pedestrian as part of a series of free Start Up Creative Talks at Macleay College about the best career advice he ever had (look back at the things you’ve been doing, think about which ones you really enjoy, figure out a life that means you do more of those), the importance of developing an empowering culture within your workplace, and two of the different kinds of people in this world: specialists and generalists. Find out which one you are below.

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