Exclusive: Flume Talks About Creepy Fans, Confidence And Loving The XX

We chatted to beat-making whippersnapper Flume on camera at the Laneway Festival earlier this year, and oh boy has a bit happened since then.

His self-titled debut album went platinum at home shortly before he left for a five-week tour across the United States. Then he’s back in town for his first national headline tour playing venues the likes of Phoenix and Queens Of The Stone Age usually book out. Dude’s blowing up.

Flume is Harley Streten when he’s home with his parents, but even there he’s not safe from his ever-growing horde of fans/groupies. Harley told us about one particularly creepy enthusiastic fan who left a letter on his doorstep and the girls from his past suddenly want to broker coffee dates (come on ladies, don’t be that guy). He also talked about his major fandom for The xx, the double-edged sword that is online streaming, and the collaborators of his dreams.

Flume Talks To Pedestrian About Girls, Touring And Blowing Up from PEDESTRIAN.TV on Vimeo.