Everyone Is Identifying With Ellen’s Reaction To Katy Perry’s VMAs Jokes

Katy Perry is having a rough time of it recently, with a lot of the Internet seemingly designating her as Everyone’s Embarrassing Aunt who drinks too much white wine at family gatherings and tries to pretend she is down with the kids. Then, of course, is her ongoing feud with Taylor Swift, which she is….not winning. Even just comparing the response to Perry’s recent release ‘Swish Swish‘, and the buzz to Swift’s new single is enough to tell the sad story.

But Katy was given the perfect opportunity to come back with a vengeance, taking the stage as the host of the 2017 MTV VMAs, but instead it seems that instead she absolutely crashed and burned in a failed attempt to be funny onstage. The bit that drew the most criticism was a part of the evening where she came out on stage with a fake baby strapped to her, in an attempt to say that having a baby was the new ‘It’ trend on social media.

It was not a funny concept at all, but people on social media found solace in the reaction of one Ellen DeGeneres, who is usually known as a pretty happy-go-lucky and generous kind of person, but who in this case gave Perry absolutely nothing. Check out the awkward moment.




Better luck next time, Katy/Everyone’s Embarrassing Aunt.