A Stagehand Is Suing Katy Perry After Losing Her Big Toe In A Tour Accident

I am starting to feel a little bit teeny tiny sorry for Katy Perry. Sort of. Not only is she drastically losing the pop princess war against Taylor Swift, she has been the focus of a massive amount of mocking (by me) for her behaviour, including her extremely very bad dance moves that you would usually only see well into a drunken wedding reception.

On top of this, she just got served extreme Not Impressed face by Ellen, during Perry’s widely-criticised hosting of the VMAs, and subsequently got mocked for all of that as well. And now, if all that wasn’t enough, she is being blamed because someone lost one of their toes in an accident. In fact, she is being sued for it.

In a slightly weird story reported by TMZ, a woman named Christina Fish, who was hired as a stagehand for Perry’s ‘Prismatic World Tour‘ in 2014, is allegedly suing the singer after losing the big toe on her right foot due to an accident.

According to TMZ, in the lawsuit Fish says that on the night of a concert in North Carolina, she was asked to help move a wall, which got stuck and then rolled across her foot. Fish says that it was at that point she felt her shoe fill with blood.

Fish claims that she was offered ice, but nobody called an ambulance so she had to get a mate to come pick her up and take her to the hospital. Despite getting to the hospital, the toe eventually became gangrenous and had to be amputated.

She alleges she wasn’t able to use her foot for months, and is also claiming for emotional distress because the doctors instructed her to leave her “dead toe” on for as long as possible before amputation. Also I would guess she was emotionally distressed because her toe died and went gangrenous and got cut off, but what do I know.

TMZ have a gallery of very graphic and gnarly photos of the gangrenous, and also dead, and also amputated toe, if that tickles your fancy for some godforsaken reason.

Fish is suing Katy, Live Nation and numerous stage production companies for shitloads of money. Stay tuned to what befalls Katy Perry and the people around her next!