DZ Paint Us A Picture

A couple of months ago and for reasons unknown, Pedestrian commissioned raucous Brisbane two-piece DZ to paint a us picture. And after weeks of sprinting to our post box and mounting suspicions of mail theft we finally received the picture this week. It’s called Memoirs Of A Gayshark and it’s as amazing as the pun they conceived for its title.

Unfortunately there’s no kimonos or ornate makeup on display but the painting does feature a mustachioed Great White battling the elements and it’s currently resting on our ping pong table. But if you’re into sexually ambiguous man eaters the painting could be resting on your ping pong table, wall, desk or top secret kinda creepy DZ shrine. All you have to do is email, tell us what DZ stands for and the one of a kind artwork is all yours.

DZ are playing as part of Boundary Sound’s NYE House Party. The dirt cheap 2nd Release tickets are only $59+BF and they’re about to sell out so if you want to ring in the new year with The Grates, The Boxer Rebellion, Philadelphia Grand Jury and more click here!

We also chatted to Simon from DZ to get a little background on their inspiration for the piece.

Can you explain your artwork and the inspiration behind it? Doing dumb assignments in primary school on sharks.

Do you paint regularly? Occasionally I use MS paint. It’s like painting…but in the future!

How do you rate your artistic ability out of ten? 2, slightly above pretty damn average.

Who is your favourite artist? Anything from Mr Squiggle’s post modern and surrealism works.

After this could painting become the new love of your life, or is music the girl for you? Nintendo has always been my sweet lady.

Photos Provided by DZ