A little while back DZ Deathrays made a film clip for $40 in which they drank a full bottle of Jager in less than four minutes while singing their track ‘The Mess Up’. They projectile vomited after. If that sounds like a fun way to spend four minutes of your time, party promoters/record label I OH YOU are giving two friends the chance to challenge DZ Deathrays to a drinking contest while they’re in Australia for their ‘Brutal Tapes’ tour this April. The contest will be filmed then premiered exclusively on Pedestrian and winners will also receive 5 free tickets to one of the shows on the tour.

Here are the rules according to I OH YOU’s Facebook page :
1. Entries must be over 18 or have a good fake ID.
2. The challenge will last for the length of DZ Deathrays’ tracks ‘Rad Solar’ and ‘The Mess Up’ played consecutively.
3. The team who wins will be that who is able to drink the most alcohol in the allocated time.
4. I OH YOU and DZ Deathrays will provide all alcohol.
5. Don’t sue us if you get alcohol poisoning.

And here’s how to enter…
1. Go to the ‘DZ DEATHRAYS’ facebook page and ‘like’ it
2. Then post a status update tagging ‘DZ Deathrays’ in it, a combination of the most creative and whichever receives the most ‘likes’ from their friends will win!

Check out the original below…

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