Dr. Karl Dancing At ‘Yeezus’ Is All Of Us Dancing At ‘Yeezus’

I want to preface this by saying that Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki is a certified national treasure – one whose books I grew up reading and whose inquiring mind I still enjoy leeching off whenever I manage to catch him on triple j’s Mornings With Zan – so when we received this small, precious video by means of a tipster we thought it a timely tribute to our favourite scientist whose predilection for loud outfits is matched only by a penchant for even louder moves.

Speaking as someone guilty of perpetrating far more heinous crimes against dance and good sense in the aisles at Yeezus on the same night [Saturday in Sydney], it doesn’t shame me in the least to say that in that precise moment – and in all others thereafter – I was, you are, we are all Dr. Karl dancing like no one is watching to ‘Run This Town’.

H/T @ Jemma